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Banish My Bumps

Banish My Bumps has been on the market for a while now.  For any sufferer with Keratosis Pilaris Chicken Skin there is a host of remedies out there to combat and alleviate the symptoms. But what makes Banish My Bumps unique is the claim it makes from the creator, Angela Steinberg.

Angela states she can easily and permanently get rid of your KP Chicken skin in only 5 days. Now 5 days is a stretch for anyone to grasp their mind around. Skepticism is definitely understandable. However, no other publication has had the positive reviews and longevity of Banish My Bumps. The positive reviews alone by Angela’s product offers, are great.

Banish My Bumps

Of course there is a host of lotions, urea creams, vitamins and other products on the market to aid with Keratosis Pilaris.  Many of the lotions I covered throughout this blog come highly recommended and show fantastic results. But again, and this point can’t be stressed enough, no one dares to make the claim to get rid of Keratosis Pilaris in 5 days!



So, what can one expect from purchasing Banish My Bumps?  Here is a short list but in no way is it exclusive.

  • Detailed in depth step by step regimens designed to clear your Keratosis Pilaris.
  • In depth knowledge of the leading causes of KP and most importantly how to eliminate them.
  • A comprehensive list of chicken skin clearing ingredients which you can get under 20 dollars and in most cases under 15 dollars at your local Walmart or grocery store.
  • Step by step plan to focus on the root cause of Keratosis Pilaris and not just aid in symptoms.
  • A detailed session for kids and how to treat baby and children’s KP.
  • Bonus documentation on ways you can bring out the body’s natural ability to heal itself from all skin problems.
  • Detailed and Comprehensive on 3 skin conditions which mimic KP identically and how to handle them.
  • Facts about Chicken skin not known by Dermatologists.
  • Elimination of Keratosis Pilaris without Medication.
  • A lot more stuff too much to mention here.



Your right?

  • It’s a system and publication not a physical product.
  • You will have to follow the system for it to work.


Is it worth it?  Well, if I am writing about it and it’s on my blog, I would say an emphatic yes.  Most lotions and creams bought to treat KP are the same price and most don’t have a guarantee.  Oh yeah I forget to mention this, and this is huge … If you don’t like the publication in any form or fashion, without any questions asked, you get your money back.  This guarantee is not for 30 days, but 60 days. There is no risk to you, whatsoever. 

Check out the reviews. There are thousands of people that Angela Steinberg has helped.

I hope this aids in making your decision.




Banish My Bumps

Skin Disorder-Is Keratosis Pilaris Contagious 0

Keratosis Pilaris has been classified as a skin disorder giving the impression for individuals who don’t suffer from the condition some alarm.  For the unaware the red chicken like bumps could bring concern on contagion and is the skin disorder spreadable.  This post is concisely dedicated to bring awareness and answer the question is Keratosis Pilaris Contagious?  The answer is a resoundingly NO it is not contagious.  However this may be not enough from the outside looking in so it is helpful to explain what Keratosis Pilaris is.

Keratosis Pilaris is a benign skin disorder in which keratin one of the skins proteins is produced in excess.    The excess keratin collects and plugs the pores of the individual who has it.  The condition is most noticeable on the upper arms or the legs.  However it can be seen on other parts of the body as well.  Keratosis Pilaris is a genetic condition a topic I covered in earlier post entitled Did you inherit KP.  It is extremely important to understand the keratosis pilaris is not contagious.

It is not and infection and is not caused by a fungus bacterium or virus.  People do not transmit it to others through skin contact and you cannot catch it from anyone else.  It is genetic and some people are simply more prone to developing the skin disorder because of their genetic background and skin type.  Although benign it can be cosmetically unsightly making you uncomfortable with your appearance if you have it or if you see someone who has it.  Just remember you cannot catch it and you are in no danger whatsoever of making contact with someone who has it.  The good thing is treatments are available and products such as Banish My Bumps have been proven to work.  You can access a proven solution here.

Skin Disorder

KP Skin 0

Urea Cream

Is Urea Cream for KP skin a Good Option?


In the battle to clear KP skin we forge on to find the most up to date and effective solutions. Today’s pursuit leads us to urea cream and of course the question: is urea cream a good option for treating keratosis pilaris?

It is always helpful to begin with the ingredients that are most beneficial for Keratosis Pilaris, found in Topix Urix 40 Urea Cream.  At the top of the list of the ingredients is Glycerin.

Glycerin is outstanding for attracting moisture.  Moisture deficiency is a continuous problem for KP skin sufferers, and the Glycerin found in the Urea cream combats the problem. Imidazolidinyl Urea is another active ingredient found in Topix Urea Cream. It works as a synergy agent with other ingredients in order to give a wide range of protection against microorganisms.

Perhaps the most effective ingredient can be found in the creams named urea. The urea component is an overwhelming 40%. It works as a gentle but potent tissue softener which heals hyperkeratotic conditions.  Keratosis Pilaris resides at the top of the list for hyperkeratotic conditions which is why this cream is highly recommended by its users.

Many of the individuals who used the product rave on its ability to dissolve keratin and soften and moisturize the skin.  It seems the dryer the skin you have the more effective Topix Urix 40 Urea Cream would be for you.  Another great feature is its Fragrance Free.    As an added bonus many dermatologist have tested the product and can agree on its effectiveness.  However, as a point of caution most people may not have a negative reaction to the chemicals found in the Urea Cream.

However everyone is not the same.  It would be wise to do a thorough examination of the ingredients and its side effects before using the product.  But even with that stated Topix 40 Urea Cream has received many great reviews. Its effectiveness in dealing with KP skin has been highly publicized; making the answer to the question proposed is urea cream for KP skin a good option) a resounding yes.

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Paleo Diet for KP 0

Paleo Diet For KP

Can the Paleo Diet be the Solution to Cure Chicken Skin

We all have heard of the benefits, of what a good diet can bring to your overall health.  It’s not uncommon to find an increase in energy, vitality, looking younger and a host of other tangibles and intangibles. But, can it cure diseases or perhaps a skin condition, such as Keratosis Pilaris?  In this post I delve deeper into a Keratosis Pilaris diet, and attempt to answer the question: Can the Paleo diet be the solution to cure chicken skin?

Now, I touched on the diet and KP in one of my previous posts, but it deserves a revisit.  According to Amy Kubal and a host of others, the Paleo diet actually works well for battling and reducing chicken skin flareups.  Amy explains how her Keratosis Pilaris was put in complete remission by following the Paleo diet. You can check it out at this link .

To highlight the main points of the article, Amy explains how for years she was plagued with the red bumpy nemesis and was prescribed an array of topical steroid creams.  She also scoured the net to find knowledge, and came across suggestions of urea, lotions and the like.  But her real breakthrough came when her husband went 100% Paleo.

She tried the diet to support him, but being pregnant the constant meat that the diet demands wasn’t always agreeing with her.  After her baby was born she went all in and in the article the results were phenomenal.  In fact, she credits the Paleo diet completely. She feels the diet put her KP in remission.

I don’t know much about the Paleo diet, but I know it consists of meat and the reduction of refined sugar in your diet.  But Amy and a number of people raves about it, and it can’t be ignored.  Will it work for you, is the most important question?  If you want to find out more check out this video site on Paleo and please read Amy’s story.

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